🧟Zombie OG🧟

🧟Zombie OG🧟


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$35.00 – per 1/8 oz             

$60.00 – per 1/4 oz              

$90.00 – per 1/2 oz

$190.00 – per 1 oz

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Total THC/A:


An indica-dominant hybrid (90 percent Indica, 10 percent Sativa) Zombie OG is a cross of Blackberry and OG Kush. THC tests show a range of 18 to 21 percent THC and 0.3 percent CBD. This strain won a prize in the 2015 High Times NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup. While the CBD is low, the mostly Indica effects work well for medical patients and recreational consumers who want to zone out and become zombies – the relaxed kind of course, not the “gonna eat your brain” kind.

More about this strain: Zombie Kush


Zombie OG (or Zombie Kush) is an award-winning hybrid created by mystery breeders. It was first developed when the originators combined Blackberry with a California staple, OG Kush.

Online sources claim Zombie OG features the signature Kush stink of its heritage, coupled with pine, earth, and peppered florals. Its smoke hass a similar peppery acridity, with layers of citrus and earthiness.

Zombie OG claimed first prize in the 2016 High Times NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup.


1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz

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