🌷Romulan💐 (AAA)

🌷Romulan💐 (AAA)


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$35.00 – per 1/8 oz             

$60.00 – per 1/4 oz              

$100.00 – per 1/2 oz

$190.00 – per 1 oz

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Romulan is the Top-Shelf Indica that invigorates like a fresh spring morning. Unwinding the layers of stress and depression that have piled on.Romulan is a potent Indica named after a race of aliens from the T.V. show “Star Trek.” Unfortunately, its origins are murky, but it seems to originate from the Pacific North West of Canada. Regardless of its lineage, the strain is a favourite of Canadians and Americans alike.

More about this strain: Romulan


Romulan, a cultivar named for the famous “Star Trek” species, is a cultivar with mysterious origins. Breeder boards speculate that the flower was created by a breeder named Romulan Joe (formerly Mendocino Joe), a Vietnam veteran who was a founder of the Trinity grow scene in Northern California. Romulan Joe allegedly gave a clone of Romulan to Federation Seeds in British Columbia, who used White Rhino to crossbreed and stabilize Romulan at a purported 97% identical to the original strains.

Romulan is said to be a descendent of Afghani landrace strains, often included in a group of cultivars in the 1980s called Blue Indicas. Breeders can get their hands seeds on this purple-colored flower, thanks to its anthocyanin content, from Federation Seeds and Next Generation Seeds.

Lab tests report Romulan’s THC content anywhere between 18-24%, which makes this cultivar a good choice for users seeking a more potent experience.

Romulan won third prize for Best Non-Solvent Hash in the 2017 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Canada.


1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz

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